Reviews and Critiques

  • 2004  AA  Fine Art Shasta College, Redding, California
  • 1985  MA Sociology University California, Riverside
  • 1981  BA  Sociology California State University, Northridge
  • 2013 - 2014 Agora Gallery, New York, New York
  • 2013-14 Nimbus Gallery - Ashland, Oregon
  • 2005-2006  Julie Baker Fine Art -- Nevada City, California
  • 2005 Carlson’s Collections Gallery, Redding, California
  • 2013 Highland Art Center, Weaverville, California
  • 2015 Redcing City Hall, Redding, California
  • 2014 Sandra Lee Gallery, San Francisco, California
  • 2014 MD Imaging, Redding, California
  • 2014 California State Fair, Sacramento, California
  • 2014 Agora Gallery, New York, New York
  • 2013 Agora Gallery, New York, New York
  • 2013 West Coast Biennial: Juried Art Exhibition, Redding, California
  • 2013 Shasta County Arts Council, Redding, California
  • 2012 Shasta County Arts Council, Two Woman Show, Redding, California
  • 2012 California State Fair, Sacramento, California
  • 2012 Artists Haven Gallery, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
  • 2012 Expo 31 National Juried Exhibition, B.J. Spoke Gallery, Huntington, Long Island, New York
  • 2011 North Valley Art League Small Painting Juried Art Show, Redding, California
  • 2011 The Studio Experience Fine Art Gallery, Redding, California
  • 2010 Mount Lassen Art Center, Viola, California
  • 2008 All Media 08, Chico Art Center, Chico, California
  • 2008 California State Fair, Sacramento, California
  • 2006 North State Fine Art Competition, Redding, California
  • 2006 Invitational/Juried Art Auction Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento, California
  • 2006 Shasta County Arts Council, Two Woman Show, Redding, California
  • 2005 Rene Joules, Redding, California
  • 2005 Carlson’s Collections Gallery, Redding, California
  • 2004 California State Fair, Sacramento, California
  • 2004 Redding Civic Center, Redding, California
  • 2004 North Valley Art League, Redding, California
  • 2004 Shasta College Theater, Redding, California
  • 2003 California State Fair, Sacramento, California
  • 2003 North State Fine Art Competition, Redding, California
  • 2002 California State Fair, Sacramento, California
  • 2002 North Valley Art League Juried Photographic Competition
  • 2001 Redding Museum of Art and History’s Annual Art Competition, Redding, California
  • 2010-2002 Shasta College Student Art Show, Redding, California
  • 2014 California State Fair:  Award of Excellence
  • 2008 California State Fair:  Jurors Award in Sculpture
  • 2006 North State Fine Art Competition: two best in category
  • 2006 Shasta College Student Are Show: faculty award, merit award
  • 2005 California State Fair:  Award of Excellence and Merit Award
  • 2005 North State Fine Art Competition:  Best in Category
  • 2004 California State Fair:  Merit Award
  • 2003 California State Fair:  Two Awards of Excellence
  • 2003 North State Fine Are Competition:  Best in Category
  • 2002 California State Fair:  Award of Excellence
  • 2000 Summet Award: Bronze for Business Package-Graphic Design
  • 2009-2002 Shasta College Student Art Show: Ellis Carer Memorial Award, Faculty Choice Award Seven Merit Awards
  • 1998-Present: CEO/Designer and Graphic Artist
  • 1994-1998 KIXE-TV Channel 9 PBS, Redding California: Producer/Director, Graphic Artist, Photographer, Editor
  • SEX AND SENSIBILITY: Producer, Director, Artist Designer, Graphic Artist, Script Writer, Editor, Videographer
  • COMMUNITY DATEBOOK: Producer/Director, Graphic Artist
  • UNDERWRITING ANDE PUBLIC RELATIONS SPOTS: Producer, Graphic Artist, Editor, Videographer
  • HOLIDAY, ART, & TRAVEL AUCTIONS: Director, Graphic Artist, Camera Operator, Still Photographer Videographer, Floor Director, Editor
  • PLEDGE DRIVES: Director, Graphic Artist, Videographer, Camera Operator
  • MARK KISTLER’S IMAGINATION STATION: Graphic Artist, Photographer
  • DEBATE NIGHT 97 & 98: Graphic Artist
  • WHY A WILL IS NOT ENOUGH: Graphic Artist
  • CHALLENGE OF THE MINDS: Graphic Artist
  • NORTHSTATE PROFILE: Producer/Director, Graphic Artist
  • 1973 - Present: Freelance Photographer and Graphic Artist (Fine Art and Commericial)
  • 2015:  International Comtempary Masters
  • 2015:  ARTis Spectrum: May Publication
  • 2013:  On The Move, London England
  • 2013:  ARTisSpectrum:  30th Anniversary Issue
  • 2013:  Art-Mine
  • 2012:  2012 International Juried Fine Art Competition
  • 2011:  The London Underground: Architecture, Design and History
  • 2009:  Solar Times Cover
  • 2005:  My Friend and Teacher Sammie, Steve Peroski
  • 2005:  Open Studio Tour Brochure Cover
  • 2005 Shasta College 2005 Student Show Catalogue Cover
  • 1996-1999: Redding Searchlight, Entertainment Section/Advertising/Specialty Events/Art Auction and Holiday Auction Catalogues
  • 1979 Los Angeles Herald Examiner Entertainment Section
  • 1979: Billboard Special Edition Cover
  • 1978:  Supertramp’s world tour, Breakfast in America Brochure (Grammy winner)
  • 1976-1977: Thin Lizzy promotion photographs

  • 2015 When I am stressed out at work, a go and stand in front of your work.  I find a new area in your work to gaze at and follows its path of connections.  At first it feels like chaos, but there's an order and it calms me.  I am relieved of my stress.  
  • 2011 “Stunning photography and amazing story.”  “One of the most beautiful books about the London Underground I have ever seen (& trust me, I’ve seen a lot).  The photography is so stunning that  is  really becomes the book’s hero.” Annie Mole
  • 2011 If I had a coffee table this book would never leave it as I keep going back to see the nostalgic images”  Laura Porter, Go London

  • 2008 California State Fair Fine Art Competition juror’s statement, Yoshio Taylor:  “I kept gravitating towards Adopt A Starving Artist Vending Machine.  It is a humorous, intriguing, and fascinating piece, and the more I paid attention to the details of the work, the more I was intrigued by it.  I consider it a very successful work of art.”
  • 2005:  Scott Shields, Chief Curator at the Sacramento Crocker Fine Art Museum, said of my work during a lecture at Shasta College, “I noticed at least one student who has found their voice.  I don’t know if this student is a genius or completely crazy.”
  • 2004: THE LANCE, Redding, California: Interview
  • 2003: Redding Record Searchlight, Redding, California: Interview
  • 2003: California State Fair Brochure, Sacramento:  Juror Kelvin Curry, Judge and Printmaker at San Jose State, California: “Reveal III utilizes incredible tones and organic shapes.  Printmaking at its best, and the framing is excellent.”
  • 2002: Sacramento Bee, California, Victoria Dalkey, Bee Art Corespondent: Also compelling and inventive is an arrangement of rectangles and squares in skin tones by Jane Magarigal of Lakehead in Shasta County.  Titled “Self Portrait: Skin Deep,” its parts are labeled with words denoting physical and intellectual properties, the passage of time and the realm of the spiritual.  It’s a fascinating self-portrait that turns the skin inside out to examine deeper issues.”