118 Tongues and 2 Tongue n' Cheeks

Photographed 1974
Printed 2009
13" X 19"
Image Size  11.3" X 16.5"
I have a pretty big tongue, and when I was a kid I loved touching my nose and the bottom of my chin with it.  I also have a scar on my tongue having landed on it: a mishap at a pool when I was six.  I suppose this is one of the reasons that in 1974 I decided to shoot friends, family, and strangers sticking their tongues out: a fascinating experience.

There are shy, resistant, lascivious, goofy, happy, angry, sardonic,  mischievous tongues and more.  One fellow really didn't know how to stick out his tongue--he'd just open his mouth (perhaps you can spot him).

Taking a left turn a few years later, you might guess that I became a sociologist--a short lived endeavor as I was not meant to be an academichian.  However, I always dabble in the social psychological, and this project exemplifies my curiosity with personalities.

I may update this project and shoot another group today as there weren't lip rings, studs,  and facial piercing back in the day.  Enjoy!

Though shot in 1974, these photos had never been printed until 2009.
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