David Long Leaving a first-class University with second-class degree, David Long has been a writer and journalist since 1983. His work has appeared in the Sunday Times and its magazine, the Sunday Mirror, the London Evening Standard, and on television and radio. Whilst a columnist for the Sunday People he created a popular weekly cartoon strip which appeared in the Times each Saturday, and between times has written for a wide variety of magazines in Britain and abroad. An award-winning ghostwriter, David has published a number of books under his own name too, their titles reflecting a love for the city and an apparently unquenchable thirst for stories about the quirkier, lesser known aspects of its long history, continually changing streetscape and hugely diverse architecture and heritage. These include Spectacular Vernacular: London's 100 Most Extraordinary Places, a sequel Tunnels, Towers And Temples: London's 100 Strangest Places, and most recently Hidden City: The Secret Alleys, Courts and Yards of London's Square Mile.

Jane Jane Magarigal is a multiple award winning photographer, fine  and graphic artist.  Originally based in Los Angeles, she began shooting professionally in 1973.  Between 1976 and 1978, Jane was based in London at which time she began shooting the London Underground, concomitantly, working as Supertramp’s exclusive photographer during their 1977 tour in Europe and England.  Her work has appeared on several covers including Billboard and Solar Times and in various newspapers.

During the 90s’, Jane was a producer/director, graphic artist and photographer for a PBS station, KIXE, in Redding, California.  By the end of the decade she created the award winning Great McGarigal Grafx Company at which this time she illustrated Sammie My Teacher and Friend, a children’s book.

Now focused exclusively on fine art, she works with oils, acrylics and watercolors, scratchbord and etchings.  She now lives in California and continues working as a fine artist, developing new photographic projects, and archiving earlier photographic work.