Artist Statement

I began my fine art career as a purely nonrepresentational abstract artist. Today my work is

primarily abstract with symbolic representation bits including actual objects, symbols and

language:  morse code ( I love You), Japanese and Chinese calligraphy and so on.   Squares

often represent the box we put ourselves and others in.  Elongated triangles often represent

splinters.  Hearts refer to problem of the heart--relationship and arthymia as well as Love.  My work is

a narrative about what I feel, do, think, and what I believe in.

Moreover, my intention is to explore the notion of  connection.  Everything in the universe

is connected to everything else, and, consequently, everything influences everything else-cause and

effect.  Nothing is arbitrary.  Each line, each object, each symbol is influencing all that surrounds it. 

As important as the notion of connection is, I want my work to create conversation,

and my experience has been that it does.  As stated earlier, there is a narravtive.  It may

be about personal relationships, the environment or visualizing the lotus sutra for example.  

I write about this so that people can get a glimpse into my mind and beliefs.   I don't expect

people to see or think as I do,  in fact, I'm often more interested in what the observers narrative is.

Rhythms and music often play vital role related to the structure of my work as does the spiritual,

particularly in my more recent paintings.  Environmental concerns are often expressed as well.

Healing ourselfs, including our environment are important to me.

In the last 5 (five) years, Scratchboard has become my medium of choice today as it lends itself

beautifully to my voice, asethetic and is a great substitute to my original interest interest in etching. 

For those who haven't seen scrach-board as a fine art material, it is a remarkable medium with a

beautiful surface.  For the process oriented, which I am, this mediumit is very challenging, quite

forgiving, and appeals to those whom love to begin their work drawing.

I work because I have to.  It's my passion and my job.   I work because I have a lot to say, I work to

heal myself, perhaps others, and the earth.  Importantly, I work to encourage conversations.

Though I am driven to do art and use to do it just for myself, more and more I'm doing it

for all of you, I'm doing it to share our common bonds, our common concerns, and for

embracing hope, joy, respect and love for all that is.  As I have much to learn, there are

many more paintings coming.

Nam myoho renge kyo.