Welcome to Adopt A Starving Artist

Welcome to Adopt A Starving Artist. You are about to enter into an art project.  This is not a real organization, at least not at this time. What it is is an amusing yet poignant political statement.
Two things to note.  First, this art project was initially created to address  the loss of funding for the arts in our school and for the arts and artists in general.
Second, one may find it interesting that though this is a fine art project, the commercial art aspect making up this project is also evident.  Blending fine art and commercial art may add to the controversial discussions regarding these two areas. 
The overall design of AASA website is the result of the creation of the ASSA Vending Machine and the AASA travel kit. Tee shirts, mugs, buttons, the calendar and other sundries were part of this project-- some of these items are for sale.
The AASA vending machine, an assemblage, received best in class at the California State Fair, 2008. 

Art inspires us, gives meaning to our lives and permanence to a society. It is the soul of a civilization.  Support the arts. 

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